Joys of May

I can’t believe that I really was that stupid. I wrote a new blog entry the other day and can you believe it? I wrote the whole thing in German. Oh, the joys of being bilingual. I was quite angry with myself, so I didn’t have the nerve to start translating it back into English, so I have now a complete and I think very funny entry sitting in my inbox, which I can’t be using. Rats….

But what else is new in Miria-World?

I have been busy with the redecoration of our flat. We have been to IKEA on Saturday and as we rented a car we ended up at Homebase as well and got some more plants for the garden. Can’t explain how happy I was about this trip. Afterwards I just collapsed on the couch and spent the evening with crappy telly. But I have now a good start for my new working space and also have a new reading lamp for crocheting in the evening in front of the telly. Yes, I am an old lady and I love to crochet. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Then I got finally around to choose the new designs for the new pendants and earrings that I am currently planning. There are just so many things out there and it is hard to choose. But I am quite happy with what I ended up. It will be a couple of different direction, but choice is always good, isnt it. So we will continue with the victorian old school horror motive, but also go a bit more colourful for summer. And who doesn’t like a bit of Rockabilly…

You can see: I am busy as always. But I will continue to keep you updated. I even promise to use the right language for once…


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