Springtime for Creanoir

Oh, how excited I am…

I can’t really even begin to tell you guys, how motivated and inspired I am at the moment. I have tons and tons of ideas that just want to crawl their way out of my head and I feel like I could burst with energy.

I blame spring… 😛

Well and maybe that I have a new working space, a new laptop and tons and tons of new material. Customers have asked again and again for certain things and who am I to ignore requests.

Next to all these new ideas and things for Creanoir going on, things are very exciting for Miria (aka me) as well. My hubby and I have decided to redecorate the house and garden a bit and I can’t wait. Yes, I am one of these boring people who loves being at home. Therefore my ladycave (I know what you are thinking right now, get your mind out of the gutter… 😉 ) has to be perfect. After having lived now for a couple of years in our place I feel that it is time for a bit of change and to clear the clutter.

Today I spent most of my morning rearranging my closet and getting rid of things I am no longer wearing. Two black bags will make their way to Cancer Research UK. I hope they can use it. Well, and we haven’t even started discussing shoes… *coughs*

So you guys can see: Things are busy here at Creanoir HQ. I will keep you updated with pictures and WIP updates. Not sure if anyone is interested in reading it, but heyho. It’s always nice to have a record of these things. Like a before and after.

See you soon…


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