Like a snowman in hell…

Gosh, when did the sun decide that us British should be  boilt to death? What have we done? Why this punishment???

I know that some people really like this weather and I have to say I am not a person who dislikes sunshine at all. But sunshine is one thing, having a heat wave of epic proportions is something else. So I have to admit I was really, really naughty and just spent my time doing what I do best and this is making jewellery and baking cake. :-) Two things that always make me happy even though I have to admit that baking is not as fun as it normally is, when you are already drowning in a puddle of your own sweat.

But heyho, I was not entirely lazy and have made some tiny little things for me and others as well and I am sure you a nosey and want to see what I am doing in my spare *cough* time.

First of all we have here a new mobile bag for my brand new and shiny new mobile. I always bought the bags until now, but I really thought that this time I wanted something a bit more special. I had this fantastic patchwork fabric still floating around the house and as it was just a tiny, tiny bit left I never knew what to make out of it. So a mobile bag seemed to be perfect. So hurray, now I have a personalised bag telling me everytime I look onto my mobile that I am the cat’s meow and this is making me just plain happy. Yes, I am easy…

Mobile cats

And friends have seen this little gem I am already swamped in orders. All of them differently themed and I am very excited to get things under my sewing machine…

Another thing I recently discovered is my love for stitching. It is so meditative when you sit in front of the telly in the evening and you are just having something to do with your fingers. And for the birthday of a very beloved friend I decided to stitch a cushion for her. Hurray. It has a phrase in galidreyan on it which says translated: What’s the point in being a grown up, if you cant be childish once in a while. I really, really love it and I hope she loved it the same.


Businesswise it has been quite two weeks as I am still fighting with all the paperwork and getting everything just absolutely right. Sometimes I curse my perfectionism but in the end I am sure that every customer actually is happy about this flaw as it means that I am really just striking to sell the best stuff possible.

At the moment my biggest challenge is to make lovely and interesting pictures and as much as I enjoy the task as it is very creative and different, I dislike it at the same time as it is just so much to do and I can’t start stocking the shop unless I get it just spot on. *sigh* I guess these are first world problems.

But stay tuned. I am going to show you a couple of sneak peaks very soon and I am sure I need some opinions on matters as well.


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