And in the beginning…

Well, well, well.

What do we have here? A new website? A new blog?

The answers to that would be: I am not so sure myself, yes and yes!

Creanoir got a new lick of paint and I may say that it was just about time really. The dust on our old version got so thick and white that I just had to do something.

And things are changing.  Things are changing so much, you won’t believe it: Creanoir was always about showing people the crafty things in my life, to also encourage other people to do things themselves and just to try it out. What I really didn’t factor in back then was, that there are people who just really don’t like making a necklace themselves or who don’t want to get a sewing machine. Very strange indeed, as for me there is nothing better in the world.

But I have understood now that there are so many people out there who still love and value handmade things and who want to have unique items that are not produced for the masses, even though they have no interest in producing stuff themselves.

So for all these people I have changed Creanoir now slightly. This will still be a place where I will show off all my weird and wonderful projects and where I hope I can inspire people to just try it themselves. But it will also be a place were people can actually buy my things if they find them pretty and cool.

So Creanoir in future will hopefully be a place for everyone who loves and cherishes handmade, unique items, if they are into crafts themselves or not.

At the moment I am working with full steam ahead on my new pieces and things and am also making a whole range of plushy toys with tons and tons of special extras. I hope that I will be online with the shop by next week, but I am still waiting for a few bits and bobs to come together.

But not to worry: There will be still plenty to show you as I haven’t been this busy in ages when it comes to the creative things in life.

So stay tune and follow me on my mad journey to self-employment and to strange places no one has ever seen before.


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