Born to chill?

Well, well, well… Right now I am doing a lot of things but chilling is not one of them. I am sooooo busy as August is quickly turning to the busiest month I ever had with Creanoir. So what is going on, I hear you asking. Well, we have three stalls and I am also starting to get some products done for a new online store. Busy, busy, busy…

First we are going to sell at the Dark Market at Dunker, Berlin on the 7th August. We had so much fun there last time, it would be a shame to miss it. I will also have a new helping hand with me as my hubby won’t be able to make it. So I am going to sell with my favorite Miss June for the first time ever. Oh, we are going to have a blast.


And because there is no rest for the wicked, we are having a major one right around the corner. We are going to sell all three days at the Berlin Tattoo Convention from the 12th August to the 14th. We had so much fun last year sharing our stall with Krystalline Black, that we decided to share again this year. So we are now collaborating with the amazing Paulina from Chaosrausch. I think our stuff is complimenting each other amazingly. She is a bit more Rockabilly and I am a bit more Goth but we meet in the middle with Punk. I also can’t recommend the event itself enough. It is the oldest tattoo convention in Europe and the line up of artists and traders looks amazing. I am sure there will be something for everybody.

To finish of August in style we are then selling at Rockabilly and Punk Fleamarket at Wild at Heart on the 23rd of August again. I love the feel of this event so much last time that I am happy that they are having me again. There are so many amazing artists there, you will definitely find something.

As you can see, I am really, really busy. Just making the stock for three stalls in itself is such a difficult thing to do, but because I am a bit crazy I am also planning on opening up a new online store. So I need some more products for that as well. I am currently also trying out new things, new techniques and materials. It is a lot of fun. I think I will have a look what people are most interested in at my stalls and then see what I will put online. 😀

But for the meantime here a little taster of my new adventures. I am currently in bottle caps heaven and am producing tons and tons of new earrings and bracelets. I am really quiet taken by the earrings as they are huuuuuuuge, just as I like it, but they are not heavy at all. So please forgive me for making two pairs for myself for a change as well. Hihi.


And as I know what a nosey bunch you guys are I am promising to take more pictures in future and to show them off as well. I know, I am really, really bad when it comes to this, but hey, if I never show you what I am creating how are you suppose to know how awesome my stuff is. 😉

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