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It feels like ages since I had to prepare for a stall. Well, to be honest it feels like a lifetime ago. It was in January and we had a stall at Boutique Bazaar in London.

At the moment I am also seeing dozens of advertisements for the Alternative Bring and Buy which was always my usual stomping ground. I had my first stall there and it was where I learned most of the tricks of the trade. I am a bit gutted not to be trading at the next event again as there are so many friendly faces and I miss each and everyone of them.

BUUUUUUUT the good news is that I will trade again at a stall in just two weeks time. And I can’t wait to see what Berlin is saying to my little sparklies.. I hope they love it as much as London did in the past. So now I have to make some new shiny things as I didn’t really do anything while the move was going on. A great spell of fibro flare up also didn’t help with the matter. I guess that’s the one thing good about having 20000 degrees outside. My fibro loves it and I am not in the same amount of pain as I usual am. I am sweating like a piglet, but heyho, the pain is better.

I just spent today with taking stock again, so that I can decide what I need to make to have a normal trading stall amount again. I guess I really have to stock up on earrings and necklaces again. People seem to love them. (Which is great as I also do so…) Then I also have to think about a new set up for my stall. I am not sure how I want it to look. I just want to change something, but again my brain is throwing a blank.

Maybe I should just continue to play around with polymer clay until my brain is a bit more on board again… Humpf..

And if you haven’t put it in your diaries yet, please note the 5th June for Dark Market at the Dunker… It will be amazing…

Now I am going to lie down in a dark room and just shut the hell up as it seems that not one coherent sentence is leaving my mouth today.

I might try again tomorrow with Miria’s adventures in WGT-Land…. 😀 Let’s just pray for a thunderstorm in the meantime..

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