Say Hello, Wave Goodbye…

Things have been AGAIN so quiet here. But this time I actually have a good excuse.

Me and my little family relocated. We moved back to Germany and I think we chose one of the most exciting cities ever. We moved to Berlin.

Things have been extremely hectic and we had to organise so many things. There was all our stuff from London that needed to get over to Berlin. Then we had still some old stuff at our parents who live again about three hours by car away from Berlin. And then there were the amazing things my granny let us have: Her old living room furniture that she got as a wedding present back in the fourties.. I am so proud and honored to have these amazing to cupboards in our living room now. I can practically see all the stories and live events that these two have witnessed over time. It makes it a bit easier to feel at home.

Other then just getting all our stuff and our little band of cats and piggies over there was also my health again. As if we would expect my health to behave the one time we really need it to. When we drove back to Berlin from London, I think I vomited on every parking lot between France and Berlin. We even had to get an ambulance at one point just to be told that it looks like I got a virus and should go to bed immediately. What an amazing thing to say when we were still four hours away from Berlin and we didn’t have any furniture at all in our place. Well, thanks for my hubby and my BFF everything went smoothly and I was able to just get my heating blanket out and have a lay down while these two just continued building furniture. They are both just amazing.

It took me a while but I think I now have my work space back in order and I even started creating things again. Until now I am playing mainly with polymer clay and have done some sewing for the house, but I can feel that this set up will work for me. It is a bit dark, but hey, I have a table just for my sewing machine. You can’t win them all. I am also busy with creating some fabulous things for Wave Gothic Treffen. I haven’t been since we left Germany nine years ago and I am so excited to go. I already have exchanged numbers with a lot of old friends and I can’t wait to see them. To make things even more sweet a friend of ours from London is going to share her Airbnb with us. I haven’t seen her since the move and just love her to bits. So that will be amazing on top of everything else.

I am also starting to work on Creanoir again. *Hurray* I am already having two dates for stalls and I can’t wait to see how things are working out here in Berlin. There are a couple more market places that I want to check out and I also want to start doing something completely new and exciting, but I can’t tell you just yet, which is killing me, as I am the worst person ever in keeping secrets…. *waaaaaaah* šŸ˜‰

So my first stall will be at the Dark MarketĀ at the Dunker (fab venue btw for clubbing as well.. :-) ). I will be there on the 5th June and I would love for anyone really to come by and say hello… After that I will go straight over to theĀ Rockabilly and PunkĀ FleamarketĀ at Wild at Heart on the 12th June. I really can’t wait. I am always so excited to have a stall somewhere and maybe I have found two new venues for us… <3

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