Fighting with the taxman

I am really sorry for not posting more interesting things but currently I am trying to get my tax return done for last year. Yes, I might be a tad late, but heyho, who wants to do their taxes just a minute earlier then absolutely necessary. I don’t know anyone.

But for all this I had to have a very long and hard look into my books. Something that I usually like to avoid because let’s face it: Playing with shiny things is so much more fun. But I guess if I want to be a business woman I have to learn this side of things as well.

I have to admit that last year in general didn’t look too good. It was my first year doing Creanoir properly and I started attending markets and having my own stall. It was very exciting, even though I didn’t make tons of cash. But I can definitely say that I have learned tons during these first few market stalls. I really enjoy doing them nowadays, but back then I was just terrified. I would have given half of my stock to anyone for free, I just didn’t think that my stuff was any good. I have changed that perspective by now and I think I also have improved as an artist massively. So I don’t feel guilty selling people my things anymore. So hurray for a mega confidence boost.

The other thing that I learned due to my stalls was, how to work around my illnesses and still be able to sit and sell for seven to eight hours. I found a couple of tricks that really work for me and with them I can now happily do any fair or convention. I just need to stick to my limits. For example I try to walk around every hour for a tiny little bit. I always have my husband with me, so I can actually do that. I will eat properly on the day and try not to eat too much junk (A tiny bit of junk is necessary, you need the sugar to survive. Haha). I also won’t work on the day before the stall anymore. I will just pack my stuff together, have a long, hot bath and go to bed early. I know all this doesn’t sound like a big deal but for me it is and it really helps me. Before I would just rush around until the last minute to get things done. Now I space my time more evenly and try not to do everything last minute.

I also learned the importance of presentation. If your stall looks dodgy and cheap, no one will be interested. You need to invest some money to have a great display and to make everything look professional. And the most important thing: Price tags. I really didn’t want to believe it but it is absolutely true. I can remember that I didn’t have any on my first stall. Another market trader took me to one side and told me that it was better to have some. I agreed with her and next time had price tags on my table. And what happened? I made double the money to what I made before. Surprise… People just don’t like asking you about the price. So make it easy for them and they might be more inclined to take something off your hand.

And now I really should go back to my tax return as otherwise I won’t be able to continue making new bits and bobs for the Boutique Bazaar on the 31st. I am really excited and already made tons of new pendants. I really should show you some of them. They look wicked. 😀 Hopefully I will remember taking a picture tomorrow when the sun is shining… Well… If the sun is shining…

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