On the road again…

Hip hip hooray…

I am going to have another stall again. This time I will be trading at London’s Boutique Bazaar and I couldn’t be happier. I traded with them already last year at the London Tattoo Convention and I really had a blast there. The other stall holders were all so nice and talented, it was such a joy to share this space with them.

So what better way to start 2016 then to have a stall there again. :-)

But another stall means more work and new ideas. And both are not my friends at the moment. I am as creative as a moth right now and work is also a bit difficult as I have a very bad fibro flare up. For all my “healthy” readers: This means that my fibromyalgia is currently worse then usual. This is quiet common when the weather is changing and the rain and coldness during the last two weeks might have just been too much for my poor fibro. So everything is very achy and I am extremely tired. I am sleeping everyday nine to ten hours and then need to have an afternoon nap as I am just not able to keep my eyes open. I think we reached the peak during the weekend when I wasn’t able to turn the page in a magazine as my fingers were just so stiff and achy.

But heyho, after every rain there will be sunshine and I am banking on that. So while I might not be able to do a lot of fiddly work, I can still make some new designs and try to scribble them into my art book thingy. I had tons of new ideas during December and I really need to start give them a try but I am just too scared to do so. In German we have a saying which is “The goalkeeper’s fear of the penalty shoot” and that’s exactly how I am feeling. I know it is totally stupid as I just need to give it a go and if it looks like crap no one ever have to see it. But I am still just eyeing up all the material and am not sure what to do with all of that. *sigh* I guess, I should just do some more easier things first. I really have not a lot of my Alice in Wonderland Collection left, so maybe I just need to make some more of that. And making a pendant is not that difficult, even when your creative juices have decided to stop working completely.

You see, I have a lot of work in front of me for just three weeks time, but I work best under pressure I guess. And even the six hospital appointments won’t stop me.

If you wanna come by and say hello to me, Boutique Bazaar is on at the 31st of January and will take place at the McQueen in Hoxton. As I know a couple of the other traders I can’t recommend the event enough. If you like quirky and unusual things, then you are absolutely right there. Most things there will be hand made and unique and believe me all of the traders have such a passion for their products, it’s a joy to meet them.

Visit us at Boutique Bazaar


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