Creanoir - this is a mixture between "Creative" and "Noir", the French word for black. And it describes best the work that I am doing. Me? That would be Miria, the master mind behind Creanoir and cat lady deluxe.  Creanoir is my brain child and I only sell what I truly love myself.  Oh, and what I have made myself as well, of course.

My pieces are always a bit strange and different as this is what I do best, but I try to keep the strangeness to a level where it is still stylish and wearable on a day to day level or at least on a decent night out.

My designs can be best describes as a bit weird, but always with very clear cut lines. My inspiration comes from everywhere and nowhere, but I have to admit that the early goth scene, old horror movies and my home town London are always somehow playing a big part.

Creanoir as a label exits for over ten years now and I have sold a variety of different handmade items already. But as time went by I have decided now to make the leap into the internet world and to start selling my pieces on Etsy for a start. I am also attending different markets and conventions from time to time as I love to meet my customers face to face and most of the time have a laugh and a good chat.

I am also blogging on here about all the joys and struggles of being a self-employed jewellery maker with some handicaps. I am suffering from a few chronic illnesses and therefore suffer from chronic pain. I had to give up my day job as a counsellor due to my sickness and Creanoir is a way of keeping me sane as working creatively is just a great way of therapy. I also want to share with everyone here how I live on a day to day basis with my illnesses and show that you can still have a pretty great life doing what you love even though you are sick. (Find out more)


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Lovely pendant – just as expected and fast delivery. Thank you!

Vanessa Laws

Awesome thanks. Quick delivery and looks great :)

Kim Smart